Lady Gaga and the Real Victims

Celebrity news isn’t my thing. I don’t know who is married, divorced or adopting babies. So, I normally wouldn’t post about someone like Lady Gaga. However, the recent criticism done via social media on her appearance isn’t something I’m willing to ignore. She doesn’t need anyone to defend her, but I think it tells a bigger story.

Tweets apparently went out during and after her brilliant performance. There’s no denying that she’s not only an athlete up there, but her strong voice and presence is mind-blowing. While most tweets were about how amazing she was, what’s making the news is how people thought she could have looked better. How dare she “show her roll”? Um, what? For one, what roll? Oh, her skin? Her skin wasn’t tightly carved against her body like the airbrushed Instagrams people troll all day. Above that, who are these people to look at this woman’s body and tell her they don’t agree with it or like it?

I don’t personally know any of these abrogating tweeters, but what I do know is I feel sorry for them.

Lady Gaga is an international star. She is also a human being. One with real human feelings. Imagine that? She’s built a platform and a mission on accepting and embracing yourself and others. That doesn’t mean she has or still doesn’t need to reset her mind and learn how to overcome such ugly words. Yet, I have a feeling she has a bigger purpose in her life than to dwell on this recent nastiness. There’s a good chance she will move on from this quickly and focus her energy on her music and her causes…and things that actually matter.

These cynical simpletons, however; those are the real victims here. They not only decided they are allowed to judge another woman’s body, they live in a world where publicly ridiculing Lady Gaga felt purposeful to them. I clearly don’t know them, but I’m going to go ahead and make a few assumptions. For one, this isn’t the first time they’ve acted on the burning desire to let someone else know they aren’t perfect. They are okay with taking someone else’s confidence away. When they aren’t dissecting the social and psychological issues of celebrities (or friends), they are heading to a plethora of Instagram pages to comment on those conjectures. How else are these stars going to fix their issues? There’s also a really great chance that they live a flawlessly perfect life. I mean, how can they not? So, I imagine that any pinch of deficiency in others is conceptually difficult for them to grasp. Poor souls.

So, you see. These people living in an alternate reality where their opinion is not only invalid, their nonsensical belief that their purpose is to break down others is far from acceptable. What a lonely place to live. A dark world filled constantly with cynicism, hate and a clear lack of self love. My parents always told me “you are who you surround yourself with”, so these poor little heartless wet blankets must live in a world with very little light, very light variety and mild, fleeting happiness; if any.

The real victims here are the people body-shaming Lady Gaga. They live in a lonely world none of us care to share with them. We were too busy enjoying her music.

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